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Got my essay under the word count. Win.

In other news, I have lost hearing in one ear due to damage to the eardrum, so I’m deaf as a post now and I’m yelling “sorry, whaaat?!” in everyone’s faces. I’m still not used to not being able to tell how loud I’m talking, so I either whisper so no one has a clue what I’m saying, or yell so people are like “woah Aimee, calm the shit down”. Hopefully I’ll grow accustomed to it in the next few weeks and people won’t even notice there’s something wrong.

My essays word count limit is 1200 words, but I have too much stuff to write so now I have to cut some information out, and it’s not as good as I could have made it. 😦


C&S Ball was amazing. But now I’m sick and at home in bed feeling sorry for myself.

I keep having to hide my online status on Facebook so that no people don’t realise I’m spending St Patrick’s Day at home alone. This is so sad.

Gonna watch Kung Fu Panda and eat loads of bagels with cream cheese and whine about how sick I am to anyone who’ll listen.

I hope everyone else actually left their beds and had lovely St Patrick’s Days!

Just watched the Michael Jackson episode of Glee. It was hideous. With all the references to how great he was and how he battled off all the haters, they kind of forgot that sometimes he deserved some of those haters. Dangling a baby over a balcony, have we all forgotten that or what?

Things What Already Happened.